Things You Need to Know About Canine Distemper

A disease in dogs that is caused by virus and affects their respiratory system, respiratory gastrointestinal, central nervous system including their eyes’ conjunctiva membranes is called canine distemper.

General Symptoms
The initial manifestation of the disease includes thick mucus coming from the nose and eyes, coughing and sneezing. Other symptoms of the virus include lethargy, sudden diarrhea, fever, sudden vomiting, loss of appetite and/or depression.

Virus Transmission
The virus can be transmitted from one dog to another by sharing of water bowls and foods, coughing and sneezing. However, the most common possible ways that the virus can be transmitted is with direct contact of dog’s body fluids like blood, fresh urine or saliva.

Best Time for a Vet Visit
As soon as the first manifestation of the symptoms, the dog should be brought to a vet for diagnosis. This is because the virus multiplies rapidly and can easily weaken dog’s immune system. The virus must be treated aggressively as soon as the vet positively diagnosed the disease as a canine distemper.

Determining the Disease
Although there is a laboratory test for canine distemper, it is not always conclusive. The dog may have a negative test results but the dog can still be infected with the virus. The vet must consider the whole picture by considering the health history of the dog as well as the dog’s particular symptoms.

Susceptible Dogs to the Disease
The dogs who are likely to contract the disease are the adolescent dogs and puppies who have not gone into immunization to distemper virus. Typically, these are the dogs with unknown history of their immunization or those pet-stores bought dogs.

Adolescent dogs or puppies are often seen to develop severe infections. Puppies who were born to mothers who have not been immunized against the virus and which are younger than 7 weeks are at high-risk. The virus can cause trembling, shaking and seizures at it can travel and affect the brain. If an infected dog has a weakened immune system, secondary infection like pneumonia can be developed.

Prevention of the Disease
It is important to constantly disinfect and clean your home particularly the place where your dog usually stay. Their living surroundings must be disinfected at all times.

Immunization of your dogs is given as distemper shot and are given in series. It is the first line of protection against the virus. Ensure that immunization program is complete. Otherwise, your dog will not be completely protected from the virus.

Puppies must be given the first shot between the age of 6 and 8 weeks old and keep the puppy away from the surrounding where infected dogs frequently stay until the immunization program is complete at the age of 4 and 5 months old.

Is the Disease Treatable?
If your dog has contracted the disease, the only treatment that you can provide is a supportive care as there is no medication currently available that can completely get rid the virus that causes canine distemper. While your dog is trying to recover from a weakened immune system, a veterinarian can administer antibiotics to prevent any secondary infections. You dog can be dehydrated while suffering with the disease and your vet can administer intravenous fluid to counter act dehydration.

Canine distemper can result to the death of some dogs but others have survived the disease and infection.

Dogs that have contracted the disease may show signs of disorders in their central nervous system like seizures; as the virus can leave a permanent damage to their nerve and brain.

ViBacSil™ As An Alternative Treatment and Prevention
ViBacSil™ is commonly known as colloidal silver solution that contains nanosize silver particles and/or silver ions; and has correct concentration based on scientific law and mathematical equations. Silver has been used since ancient Greek and Roman times as an antimicrobial, for preserving foods and liquids; and medicinally. It can be added to the drinking water, can be taken directly by mouth, can be administered through nebulizer or can be directly applied to infected parts of the body.

A simple Google search for “colloidal silver and canine distemper” can reveal the positive effects of colloidal silver in treating diseases caused by a virus like canine distemper.

You, your family and your loved ones can benefits from the health benefits of ViBacSil™ as well. It is of high quality in terms of silver particles / ions size and with correct concentration as it was produced using ViBacBuster™, which was developed using scientific law and mathematical equations.

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Elpi Garcia developed his passion with colloidal silver and its health benefits when he came across a Yahoo! article about the increasing trend of HIV infected people in the Philippines. One user suggested to research on colloidal silver in treating HIV and AIDS. He was astonished with the things he learned about it and incorporated it through their thesis study in Computer Engineering. He and his team developed a microcontroller-based colloidal silver generator meant to produce high volume of colloidal silver solution. Now, he has develop a mini version of this generator and call it ViBacBuster™ Mini. He also gave the name of the colloidal silver being produced by ViBacBuster™ as ViBacSil™.

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