The Story Behind the “Blue Man”

Most of the people who heard the story of the “Blue Man” surely believed his story and were already afraid of taking colloidal silver for fear of developing such condition. Well, the good news is that, the story is proven to be a fraud. Read on and find out how he really became a “Blue Man”.

The story of Paul Karason or most popularly known as the “Blue Man” is nothing but a fraud. That is what the Natural News found out. Contrary to what the recent news and the public believe, colloidal silver is not the cause of Karason’s skin discoloration. His story is just been a made-up to scare the public and make them believe that taking colloidal silver will really turned their skin blue.

57-years-old Karason from California became popular in 2008 when he appeared on TV and press releases showing his entire color-blue body which later on found out that it was because of a condition known as argyria. The said condition is caused by taking too much proteins and silver salts. It was found out that Karason had just been making his own colloidal silver solution at home where he used extended-length electrolysis and salts to create a silver chloride solution with large silver particles. Karason’s own mixture is different compared from the “real” ones which are sold at stores.

According to a producer of the real silver colloid solutions, the story of Karason was just produced by a public relations firm and paid for by a pharmaceutical interest. The purpose of this is to scare the public of the “possible” side effects of taking colloidal silver.

Out of thousands of people taking colloidal silver solutions, none of them reported that their skin turned blue except Karason whose story is now a fraud. Nano silver, when prepared correctly and in a regular basis is proven to be effective in treating various illness and diseases and will not cause argyria. The reason why Karason developed such condition is because it is not prepared correctly and that he added salt into the mixture.

As reported, Karason admitted that he took large amount of the inappropriately-prepared silver solution. His case is said to be one of the only verifiable cases of argyria in the U.S. This only proves that argyria is an uncommon condition and that the usage of colloidal silver is harmless.

Source: Natural News, Heard about the colloidal silver ‘Blue Man?’ Here’s why the scare story is public relations fraud. Last Accessed: December 26, 2014. View the article screenshot here. Photo Credit: Google Search, SodaHead.

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