The Miracles of Colloidal Silver

Silver is an element used by many countries long time ago to protect them from viruses and bacteria. Today, silver takes its new form in colloidal silver which is known to be a “cure-all” or “miracle water”.

Colloidal silver was first introduced in the 1915 but became popular only in the 1990s and used by doctors in the early 20th century. During those times, antibiotics of proven efficacy were the ones being utilized; thus, colloidal silver was set aside. However, colloidal silver was still able to gained the interests of many medical practitioners and recently, it has been used as an experimental drug to treat the deadly Ebola virus.

Some residents of Browns Town, St Ann in Columbia can attest to the miracles of colloidal silver and its benefits to their health. These are what they have to say.

Normal Campbell or Boy Blue of Standfast district is already 56 years old and with an enlarged prostate. He took colloidal silver in prescribed doses and after three months, his illness gone.

Tzdhne Ishigyhd is a lupus survivor and because of colloidal silver, her disease was completely gone.

Erna is a resident of Steer Town and according to her, colloidal silver helps to relieve the pain in her legs, got rid of her sinus, and lowered her blood sugar levels.

Devon Hall is the supplier of the “miracle water” in the area. In his interview with The Gleaner, he said that he was first introduced to it while he was in London, living with his wife who suffered from allergies and both of them have sinus problems. A man from Iran offered the product to him, he bought two bottles, he and his wife took it, and according to him, since the first time he took it in 1995 until today, the problems never happened again.

After the “miracle” that happened to him, in 2010 he decided to sell the products to his neighbors in Browns Town, St Ann. After that, he began receiving positive feedback from them such as it cured their diabetes, ear infections, lupus, enlarged prostate, and many more.

Source: The Gleaner, The Miracle Water – Residents Say Colloidal Silver Cures Everything. Last Accessed: December 27, 2014. View the article screenshot here. Photo Credit: Google Search, Tyent Nigeria.

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Elpi Garcia developed his passion with colloidal silver and its health benefits when he came across a Yahoo! article about the increasing trend of HIV infected people in the Philippines. One user suggested to research on colloidal silver in treating HIV and AIDS. He was astonished with the things he learned about it and incorporated it through their thesis study in Computer Engineering. He and his team developed a microcontroller-based colloidal silver generator meant to produce high volume of colloidal silver solution. Now, he has develop a mini version of this generator and call it ViBacBuster™ Mini. He also gave the name of the colloidal silver being produced by ViBacBuster™ as ViBacSil™.

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