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We are confident that you will love ViBacBuster. We have put so much time and effort to come up with fully-features-packed colloidal silver generator that is beyond comparable to existing colloidal silver generator in the market today. You must act today before it's too late! Secure your your health today! Check below to read testimonials from colloidal silver users!

Boosts the immune system amazingly. Have used this for YEARS. Wouldn’t be without it.
My daughter used to have strep throat about 3 times a year. Since we started using this product on a regular basis, she has NEVER had another case of strep… and that’s been 15 years now!!
This product is a must for every household ….it works
– ear aches instantly
– colds quickly
– many other purposes too many to list
Bryant Riesenberg
Heard it was the best brand…lots of friends buy this one and said it works wonderfully. Am using it as a maintenance plan to keep myself and husband in good health. Seems to be working.
Judy Senkler
I am pregnant and was looking for a natural solution to get rid pf the UTI I felt starting, no way I was going to get antibiotics! My husband stumbled upon this, and after research as to whether it was safe while pregnant (it is!) he went out and bought some from the store (much cheaper on Amazon by the way!). I took it about 7x a day for 3 days, then 3-5x for a few days after (along with hydrating ridiculously well and taking a cranberry capsule). The first two days I was still in a lot of pain, and didn’t notice any relief. Then on the third day I woke up feeling fine. Literally! I had no pain at all (only slight if I didn’t head to the bathroom right away) and felt completely normal. And I have been fine ever since, with no recurring symptoms at all! I am so thankful we found this!

At the same time, we were staying at my mom’s house while our apartment had some major (MAJOR!) plumbing work done. My sister and her son are temporarily living there, and lucky for us, they were sick with a nasty cold. Not only did I not want to get sick because I’m pregnant, but I had NO interest in my kids (3 and 1) catching it too! Ugh! I gave my 3 year old 1/2 dose 2-3 times a day and my 1 year old 1 dropper full 2-3 times a day (along with my husband taking the adult dose 2-3x a day) and none of us got sick. Not even a sniffle! And we were there with them for 5 full days, in a cramped little house, and they both even stayed home sick two of those days!

On top of that, a few weeks later I noticed I had a sore in my nose. It lasted for a good three weeks (on and off) and I couldn’t take it anymore. I started putting a drop or two on my finger and dabbing it on the sore at least 7x a day (usually after I blew my nose). I didn’t notice any relief the entire day, and was skeptical it was even doing anything, then I woke up the next morning and my nose was back to normal. No pain whatsoever. After THREE weeks of pain! It did come back again a couple weeks later when I was stressed, and I did the same thing with the same results. No relief first day, completely fine the second.

This is a must-have product for the flu and cold season. At the first sign of a sore throat I gargle some of this colloidal silver to help ward off illness. It has been very effective for my family for healing up sores inside the mouth, as well as helping clear up a sinus infection (I tilt my head back and drop a few drops up my nose). I recommend this product to anyone who prefers to take a more natural approach to treating minor illnesses at home.
Barry Lochridge
I’ve done extensive research on colloidal silver, the production processes and many companies producing it. By far, Sovereign is the best. I am a very thrifty person, maybe even cheap! But with a product like this for health, I wouldn’t trust any other company or production method. I was going to purchase my own supplies and make it myself, but there’s no way to control it like this company does, so it’s one area I don’t mind splurging for the purity and safety, i.e. no turning blue, etc…
M. Moore
Wow is what I have to say to explain this product never had I ever had anything get rid of a cold before I’ve always just have to ride out the cold and be miserable doing it and I have tried so much stuff when I felt a cold coming on like chicken soup , orange juice, rest , and fresh juiced green smoothie and nothing has ever worked until now .This stuff got rid of my cold I took two teaspoons a day one in the morning and one in the evening and three days later I feel a 100% better and while I was taking the silver it kept my cold symptoms at bay so it’s not like I was suffering from terrible cold symptoms for those three days I was taking it, it was just minimal symptoms like runny nose and slightly dry throat otherwise by day three of a cold without silver I would of not even wanted to get out of bed. So my conclusion is give it a try and not just for a virus it has much more healing qualities as well . I definitely was hesitant to spend so much for something that so many people said was dangerous to take but do you realize how much of this you would have to take to harm you more then i will ever take in a lifetime so i think i will be just fine . I think the problem is there and not enough people educated about colloidal silver and it’s benefits.
This is the best for Immune Support. My kids and I have taken it regularly for years. I will keep this as a staple in my health regime.
This is an excellent product to keep the germs off of your body. It helps in so many ways! My wife coats my sore spots with this product every day!
Jim McCleary
I use Colloidal Silver for many problems, and with great success. Including Mercer, boils, lesions(applied topically) to colds, sore throats, virus symptom relief, etc. Always with good results, I recommend it to all my family and friends.
Martha J. Clay
I love this colloidal silver! It has really helped with my yeast infections! If I feel an infection coming on I just start taking my colloidal silver and it goes away within a few days!
Jamie Elvidge
I have three young children and we use this for anything and everything. I buy the ointment for scrapes, cuts and burns. I recently had a bladder infection so I took 2 tblsp of the liquid every hour for a day and a half and the symptoms subsided until they were gone. It can get expensive at that amount/frequency but I was able to avoid a dr. appt. and subjecting my body to a round of antibiotics. I always try naturopathic or homeopathic medicine before allopathic. With this and elderberry syrup (anti-viral), we can pretty much battle any cold/flu/minor illness that comes our way. Usually more quickly and efficiently than OTC meds or abx. If you have young children who frequent ear infections, try a few drops of this in the ear or research “garlic oil for ear infections” and you can make your own remedy at home. Works in hours. Sovereign Silver can also be added to a neti pot to prevent sinus infections. You can also put it in your eyes for eye infections. Gargle with it for croup/sore throat. So many uses.
AMG, Austin, Texas, USA
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