Nano Silver: Hope for Ebola Patients?

Is Nano Silver the hope for Ebola patients and it can be the only one? The life-threatening disease kills thousands of people. As per a recent interview with a physician’s assistant, the fatality rate of the disease is between 25 to 90 percent, and with a 50 percent average. Patients of this disease can do nothing except to wait for the illness to stop.

However, patients of such virus can see hope in using Nano Silver as a treatment. Based on a study conducted by The Defense Threat Reduction Agency on colloidal silver (Nano Silver), it was shown that Nano Silver prevents the growth of Ebola virus.

Nano Silver is also proven safe in eight separate peer reviewed experiments. One statement suggests that colloidal silver protects the immune function when tested with parasites against it.

Silver is not new in the field of medical applications. It has been used long ago as preservative and medicine by many cultures all over the world. Ancient Greeks used it as storage for their water and other liquids to prevent contamination and spoilage.

Early Americans put silver coins in their milk containers and water barrels to protect it from algae and bacteria.

The application of silver droplets also became a requirement by law in Denmark, Canada, and United States. It is a procedure wherein a silver substance will be placed in the eyes of a newborn baby to avoid infections such as gonorrhea.

Silver also played an important role in Europe during Middle Ages when a destructive bubonic plague invaded the continent. Wealthy aristocrats were able to survive by drinking liquids from their silver vessels in order to protect them from the disease. Mothers put silver spoons in the mouth of their babies to protect them from killer diseases and during the 19th century in America, baby pacifiers were invented.

Source: Deming Headlight, Nano Silver Can Protect Against Ebola. Last Accessed: December 27, 2014. View the article screenshot here. Photo Credit: Google Search, FutureTimeline.

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Elpi Garcia developed his passion with colloidal silver and its health benefits when he came across a Yahoo! article about the increasing trend of HIV infected people in the Philippines. One user suggested to research on colloidal silver in treating HIV and AIDS. He was astonished with the things he learned about it and incorporated it through their thesis study in Computer Engineering. He and his team developed a microcontroller-based colloidal silver generator meant to produce high volume of colloidal silver solution. Now, he has develop a mini version of this generator and call it ViBacBuster™ Mini. He also gave the name of the colloidal silver being produced by ViBacBuster™ as ViBacSil™.

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