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What is ViBacBuster™? 2017-02-26T22:05:29+00:00

ViBacBuster™ is a term coined by Elpi Garcia for a device that generates ViBacSil™ containing nano-size silver particles. There are three (3) version of ViBacBuster™. These are MCU-Based ViBacBuster™, ViBacBuster™ Portable and ViBacBuster™ Mini.

MCU-Based ViBacBuster™ is a microcontroller-based ViBacBuster™ that is usually used in producing high volume of colloidal silver. This is best recommended for industrial use like manufacturing plants that require large quantity of colloidal silver.

ViBacBuster™ Portable is also a microcontroller-based ViBacSil™ producer that contains nano-sized silver particles. It has basic features like a switch to set to desired pre-determined concentration, capable of switching the polarities of the probes automatically and has a bubbler to give a constant stirring effect during the “brewing” process.

ViBacBuster™ Mini is a ViBacSil™ producing device with limited function. It is so small that you can bring it to anywhere you go. It is powered by one (1) 9v battery with special circuitry that produce constant low current drawn to the 99.99% silver wires. It comes in a complete set so you can start “brewing” ViBacSil™ (commonly known as colloidal silver) right away.

All versions of ViBacBuster™ are guaranteed to produce high quality of ViBacSil™ in terms of particle size and correct concentration or Parts Per Million (PPM). Currently, only ViBacBuster™ Mini is in production and being sold.

What is ViBacSil™? 2015-12-10T17:10:08+00:00

ViBacSil™ is a term coined by Elpi Garcia to refer to a silver mixture produced from using ViBacBuster™ that contains nanosize silver particles. ViBacSil™ is commonly known as colloidal silver mixture.

What Version of ViBacBuster™ is Currently Being Sold? 2016-03-27T07:24:18+00:00

Currently, only the ViBacBuster™ Mini is available for sale. To make sure the users of our product get the optimum benefits of ViBacSil™ (commonly known as colloidal silver), we only sell it as a kit. The kit contains the following:

  • High Quality “Brewing” Glass Vessel
  • 99.99% Silver Wires (Minted by Royal Canadian Mint)
  • Special Circuit with Alligator Clips (the ViBacBuster™ Mini itself)
  • 9v Battery
  • Laser Pointer
How Much is the ViBacBuster™ Mini Kit? 2016-03-27T07:26:43+00:00

The current price for the ViBacBuster™ Mini Kit is Php4,995.00.

How Much ViBacSil™ Can I Produce with the ViBacBuster™ Mini Kit? 2016-03-27T07:39:33+00:00

Theoretically, you can produce as much as 940 Liters of 10PPM ViBacsil™ (commonly known as colloidal silver). Produce your own colloidal silver with desired PPM (5ppm, 10ppm, 15ppm, 30ppm, 100ppm, or even higher) using our ViBacBuster™ Mini Kit. You will save over a million pesos when you buy your own colloidal silver generator instead of buying colloidal silver mixture.

Cheapest price of colloidal silver mixture in the market cost about Php350.00 per 200ml. Let’s do the math:
940 liters / 0.2 liters = 4, 700 units of 200ml colloidal silver mixture. Multiply that to Php350.00, you’ll get Php1, 645, 000.00

*200ml = 0.2 liters

What Should I Look for When Buying a Colloidal Silver Generator? 2016-03-27T07:52:32+00:00

Not all colloidal silver generators are created equal. Your colloidal silver generator must be able to produce high quality of colloidal silver in terms of silver particles size and correct concentration. Our ViBacBuster™ was designed based on scientific law and mathematical equation to produce nano-size silver particles and correct concentration of ViBacSil™ (commonly known as colloidal silver). Its special circuitry produce constant low current drawn to the 99.99% silver wires. This constant low current strips the silver particles from the 99.99% silver wires slowly. Since it is constant, we can determine the exact time when to achieve the desired concentration (PPM) easily.

The seller must be able to explain the technical details of the generator. We encourage potential buyers to ask questions to seller before purchasing to determine how deep is his understanding with the chemistry and physics involves in producing colloidal silver. Remember, it is your health is at consideration and not theirs.

Can I Buy the 99.99% Silver Wires Only? 2016-03-27T07:57:13+00:00

Yes. We sell 99.99% silver wires to our customers who bought the kit for the meantime. It will soon be available for sale to non-previous customers.

*This will be updated when that happens.

Do You Ship Nationwide (within the Philippines)? 2016-03-27T08:09:03+00:00

Yes. We found out that LBC is the best courier to use when shipping to location that requires air transit (e.g. Visayas and Mindanao areas). For shipment within Luzon, we may use other courier as we see fit.

I Am Located Outside the Philippines, Can I Order ViBacBuster™? 2016-03-27T08:08:55+00:00

We do not ship outside the Philippines as of the meantime.

Do You Give Discount for Bulk Orders? 2016-03-27T07:31:13+00:00

Yes. We also look for distributors of our ViBacBuster™ Mini Kit. Get 30% discount when you purchase at least five (5) kits for every transaction.

How Can I Pay for My Order? 2016-03-27T08:08:34+00:00

Please let us know your intention to purchase our products as we may need to prepare it first. Our contact details are located at the top of this page. We usually ship orders within 24 hours after we verify the payment. You may pay the total amount of your order to the following payment gateways:

BPI Bank Deposit
Account Name: Elpidio J. Garcia Jr.
Account Number: 1619 4499 71
Branch: Market! Market! BGC, Taguig

Smart Money
Account Name: Elpidio J. Garcia Jr.
Card Number: 5299 6742 0998 7115
Mobile Number: 09487883712

GCash, WesternUnion, Palawan Express Pera Padala, Cebuana Lhuillier Pera Padala and MLhuillier Kwarta Padala, please use the following details:

Name: Elpidio J. Garcia Jr.
Address: Block 258 Lot 12, Group 10 Zone 12, Ruby St., Pembo, Makati City, 1218
Contact Number: 09154206831 (Globe; GCash)

Amount to be sent: US$6.00

Our preferred payment gateways are BPI Bank Deposit, Smart Money and MLhuillier Kwarta Padala as we have easy access to their remittance service.

How Can I Register to the Forums? 2016-03-27T08:22:50+00:00

You can register to the forums by clicking on the “Register” link under the “Member Access” menu located at the top. Remember, your registration is good for both the forum, comments and our online shop.

ViBacBuster™ will soon be decommissioned. Please bookmark our new website, ViBacSil™ for updates. The ViBacSil™ website address is