What Should I Look for When Buying a Colloidal Silver Generator?

Not all colloidal silver generators are created equal. Your colloidal silver generator must be able to produce high quality of colloidal silver in terms of silver particles size and correct concentration. Our ViBacBuster™ was designed based on scientific law and mathematical equation to produce nano-size silver particles and correct concentration of ViBacSil™ (commonly known as colloidal silver). Its special circuitry produce constant low current drawn to the 99.99% silver wires. This constant low current strips the silver particles from the 99.99% silver wires slowly. Since it is constant, we can determine the exact time when to achieve the desired concentration (PPM) easily.

The seller must be able to explain the technical details of the generator. We encourage potential buyers to ask questions to seller before purchasing to determine how deep is his understanding with the chemistry and physics involves in producing colloidal silver. Remember, it is your health is at consideration and not theirs.

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About the Author:

Elpi Garcia developed his passion with colloidal silver and its health benefits when he came across a Yahoo! article about the increasing trend of HIV infected people in the Philippines. One user suggested to research on colloidal silver in treating HIV and AIDS. He was astonished with the things he learned about it and incorporated it through their thesis study in Computer Engineering. He and his team developed a microcontroller-based colloidal silver generator meant to produce high volume of colloidal silver solution. Now, he has develop a mini version of this generator and call it ViBacBuster™ Mini. He also gave the name of the colloidal silver being produced by ViBacBuster™ as ViBacSil™.

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