Although it is tempting to talk about your meal with your fury relative, you ought to know that lots of of the human foods are poisonous for dogs. You must avoid ordering foods for your pet from the below menu. APPETIZERS Baby Food - Many people make an effort to give baby foods especially to [...]

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Things You Need to Know About Canine Distemper

A disease in dogs that is caused by virus and affects their respiratory system, respiratory gastrointestinal, central nervous system including their eyes' conjunctiva membranes is called canine distemper. General Symptoms The initial manifestation of the disease includes thick mucus coming from the nose and eyes, coughing and sneezing. Other symptoms of the virus include lethargy, [...]

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How to Prevent Parvovirus

Canine parvovirus (generally called parvo) is an exceedingly infectious viral ailment that can create a dangerous disease in puppies and pooches. It can be transmitted by any individual, creature or thing that interacts with a infected canine's stool. Puppies, youthful canines, and grown-up dogs who are not vaccinated are in danger of getting the infection. [...]

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