An Alternative to Antibiotics: Colloidal Silver, Herbs, etc.

A Miami holistic health examiner, Jed Shlackman, has cited colloidal silver as an alternative to antibiotic use, among others. In his article written on December 19, 2015, Mr. Shlackman of has suggested to consider alternatives to antibiotic which people have used for thousand of years in the past. These alternatives are natural remedies that [...]

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Colloidal Silver As Subway’s Disinfectant

Due to its known antibacterial and antiviral properties, colloidal silver is being used as a disinfectant spray on Hong Kong subways. London and other parts of UK (United Kingdom) are also planning to use the same measure to prevent the spread of viruses in their country, especially in the train stations. The MTR company in [...]

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Colloidal Silver: MRSA Buster

Have you heard about a super bug named MRSA (methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus)? Well, most of you will definitely say “no”. The term is a medical jargon that in an ordinary term will only mean the “flesh-eating super bug”. The news about this super bug came in November 2009 when a report from Henry Ford [...]

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Colloidal Silver vs Ten Common Diseases

Colloidal silver can really be called as the “miracle cure”. Used for over 90 years ago by many medical practitioners and doctors, colloidal silver proved its ability for having antimicrobial, anti-fungal, and disinfectant properties. Its usage became popular until the early 20th century when antibiotics made by the Big Pharma made known to the public [...]

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Why You Should Prefer Colloidal Silver Than Antibiotics

Colloidal silver might better be called as the “best medicine created by humans”. Due to its antibacterial, antiseptic, and disinfectant properties, most people call it a “cure-all” or even “miracle medicine”. There may be no other medicine that could equal the ability of colloidal silver. However, not everyone agrees to it. In fact, FDA and [...]

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Colloidal Silver and Natural Herbs – Best Remedies for the Common Cold

Over-the-counter medicines are most people remedies for their common colds. Doctors and medical professionals often tell their patients that there is no other solution for colds except to rest, take their prescribed medicines, and wait until it subsides. However, what most people do not know is that there is a faster way to cure common [...]

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Colloidal Silver 101

Colloidal silver is really one of the most popular and controversial medicines today. With tags such as “cure all”, “miracle medicine”, and “wonder drug”, colloidal silver is undoubtedly one of today’s best cures. But have you ever wondered how colloidal silver was discovered? Read on and find out the basic facts about colloidal silver. From [...]

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Banned Colloidal Silver and Effective Drugs – The “Real” Solution for Ebola

Colloidal silver is a really proven antibacterial and antiviral medicine that works with almost all known viruses and bacteria including the phenomenal Ebola virus. But, to the surprise of the public, colloidal silver, Echinacea, and other effective remedies are still banned to be used as an experimental drug. History Still Repeats Itself Who do not [...]

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Power of Colloidal Silver vs FDA Ban

Colloidal silver still proves its efficacy in spite of the decision of FDA to ban its use. For over 90 years ago, doctors and medical practitioners use it to their patients for its antimicrobial, antiviral, and life-saving properties. However, due to the influence of Big Pharmaceutical companies, FDA made a rule to notify the public [...]

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