An Alternative to Antibiotics: Colloidal Silver, Herbs, etc.

A Miami holistic health examiner, Jed Shlackman, has cited colloidal silver as an alternative to antibiotic use, among others. In his article written on December 19, 2015, Mr. Shlackman of has suggested to consider alternatives to antibiotic which people have used for thousand of years in the past. These alternatives are natural remedies that have shown effectiveness against infections. These includes raw honey, fresh air and sunshine, fresh vegetables and fruits, colloidal silver and herbs like thyme, echinacea, goldenseal, garlic and oregano. He further said that in modern times, one can get concentrated versions of these to specifically target infections in diseases. As an example, he elaborated the use of oxygen as a microbe-neutralizing theraphy where food grade chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide and ozone are all used to deliver oxygen in the body in stopping infections.

This comes after a study published in August 2015 that there is a correlation between diabetes and the use of antibiotic which was firmly shown in a large study conducted in Denmark using population data. According to the study–a case-control and population-based study, using antibiotic has heightened the risk for diabetes type 2. It was found out that every antibiotics has this effect with just minimal differences between antibiotics’ classes. The study was conducted by Gentofte Hospital, University of Copenhagen (Hellerup, Denmark), Kristian Hallundback Mikkelsen, MD, a PhD student at the Center for Diabetes Research and colleagues. It was published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism on 27th of August 2015.

According to the data gathered from three registries of Danish national, developing diabetes of type 2 is 53% more risk from constant exposure to antibiotics. The finding suggests that there may be a big risk for infection on people with as-yet-undiagnosed diabetes and antibiotics is more likely to be used in these cases. It could also reflect that in type 2 diabetes, a direct causal role is played by antibiotics. Dr. Mikkelsen has said with Medscape Medical News that “both interpretations are supported by the literature and could contribute to the observed associations.”

The beneficial bacteria found in the intestines may be destroyed by the use of antibiotics thus contributing to many problems with regards to one’s health. We all know that probiotic bacteria are essentials in our health in general specially to our digestive system. Notwithstanding the fact that antibiotics are designed to target specific types of pathogenic bacteria, we cannot ascertain that it will not damage or affect the beneficial bacteria found in our bodies. If there is a problem with our digestion, it can lead to too much burden upon the pancreas in managing the blood sugar, or there is a chance that the antibiotic itself creates imbalances in the microbiome which promote the development of infections that can affect the pancreas and it may lead to its damage. Too much use of antibiotics will create resistance among bacteria that could lead to development of infections thus people that rely on it are more prone to serious infections.

With different ways of treating illnesses to stop infections without using antibiotics, alternative medicine and complementary treatment may offer solutions in these conditions without the risk of developing negative side effects or problems to one’s health. Although the field of medicine has lauded the creation of antibiotics using advanced technology, health professionals seems to have failed to acknowledge the long term negative effects of antibiotics. Further, practitioners of medical principles such as homeopathy, Chinese medicine and naturopathy has been successfully treating these conditions without using drugs that were developed for allopathic medical practice in the West. This fact may have been disregarded in today’s modern medicine. Reviewing the alternative options in handling health challenges of people must be considered by physicians and to reassess the prescription of antibiotics.

Source:, Antibiotic use linked to increased incidence of type-2 diabetes. Last Accessed: December 30, 2015. View the article screenshot here. Photo credit: Google Search,

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