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Silver was known long ago to possessed monetary value. Because of its weight, people trade it for money. It was also used in various fields including water purification, photography, imaging, electronics, and even in medicine.

In the rise of modern technology, however, silver proves to have amazing abilities other than being used as a material for equipments. Silver was used as storage to preserve foods and liquids. Eating utensils such as spoon and forks was made of silver to prevent contamination. Ancient Greeks and Romans are those people who can attest to the antimicrobial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties of silver.

The Discovery and Abandonment of Silver

Nobody thought that silver has a lot of benefits especially in the field of medicine not until the late 1800s when the western science began to rediscover the various uses of silver. One of the earliest documentaries about silver is the case of Carl Crede in 1884. Crede was a German obstetrician who used 1% silver nitrate solution to newborn babies. He dropped the solution to the eyes of the infants to prevent gonococcal opthalma or the diseases that causes blindness to newborn babies.

The study for silver continued and they discovered that silver colloids and compounds can cure a lot of illness. In 1940, silver compounds can be bought legally in the markets. The solution can be taken orally, topically or by injection. It was then one of the most effective antibiotics that can cure almost all infections and diseases.

However, there was also a time when the field of medicine abandoned silver. During 1930s, patented drugs and antibiotics emerged from large pharmaceutical companies and that causes the abandonment of the usage of silver.

The Rediscovery of Silver

1970 might be the lucky year for silver. It was the year when medical professionals begin noticing again the potential of silver in curing various diseases and infections. In a research by Dr. Carl Moyer of Washington’s University, it was showed that silver solution is effective in healing burns and repairing damaged tissues in the body.

In 1958, a laboratory test done by UCLA School of Medicine suggests that colloidal silver can effectively kill bacteria, viruses, and other unwanted organisms.

Today, colloidal silver can be purchased online, in health stores, and can even be made at home by using generators.

Source: Natural News, Colloidal Silver is an Antibacterial, Antifungal and Antiviral Miracle. Last Accessed: December 26, 2014. View the article screenshot here. Photo Credit: Google Search, Natural Remedies for Perfect Health.

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Elpi Garcia developed his passion with colloidal silver and its health benefits when he came across a Yahoo! article about the increasing trend of HIV infected people in the Philippines. One user suggested to research on colloidal silver in treating HIV and AIDS. He was astonished with the things he learned about it and incorporated it through their thesis study in Computer Engineering. He and his team developed a microcontroller-based colloidal silver generator meant to produce high volume of colloidal silver solution. Now, he has develop a mini version of this generator and call it ViBacBuster™ Mini. He also gave the name of the colloidal silver being produced by ViBacBuster™ as ViBacSil™.

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