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ViBacBuster™ is a high quality ViBacSil™ producing device

ViBacSil™ is an antimicrobial ionic silver mixture with nano-size silver particles as verified by Transmission Electron Microscopy and with correct concentration based on scientific law and equation.
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What People Say

I never went a year w/o catching at least a minor cold or sore throat before, but now that I’m using Silverbiotics I go years w/o a so much as a cough.
Joseph Berk
It is a good product. Definitely anti-fungal for places on the body that get infected with fungus. Also definitely anti-biotic too! A breath of fresh air so to speak in a medical world of antibiotics. Use this and don’t have to use antibiotics.
I finally found something to end my chronic sinus infections that I have had for many years. After 2 surgeries and developing allergies to 3 antibiotics I tried this as a nasal spray primarily and it has cleared up my sinus problems.
Sheryl P.
I use it every day to stay healthy it has many purposes for infections or to clear skin problems earaches eyes it is a safe product to use. All ages can use it even on pets I use it most for my immune support being 78 yrs. old and use only natural healing and look for tried products that work.
Mary W.
This is a must-have product for the flu and cold season. At the first sign of a sore throat I gargle some of this colloidal silver to help ward off illness.
Barry Lochridge