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ViBacBuster™ is features-packed ViBacSil™ generator that no one has ever seen!

It produces ViBacSil™, which is commonly known as colloidal silver with nanosize silver particles as verified by Transmission Electron Microscopy.
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*The features stated here are the features of our MCU-Based ViBacBuster™, which is currently not in production. The only available version for our ViBacBuster™ is our ViBacBuster™ Mini. Its operation is manually done but the quality of ViBacSil™ produced is the same with our other version of ViBacBuster™.

We are confident that you will love ViBacBuster™. We have put so much time and effort to come up with fully-features-packed colloidal silver generator that is beyond comparable to existing colloidal silver generator in the market today. You must act today before it's too late! Secure your loved ones' health today!

I use it for treating burns, cuts, scrapes. Good for colds too when I put a few drops in my nostril. It helps prevent scars on skin when applied topically.
Simon Reznichenko
It is good to have this in the medicine cabinet for when it is needed. The price is a little high but worth it.
The best way to banish germs and yuck. And at an amazing price. I will definitely be buying this again.
Fantastic at the start of a cold. Severely reduces the cold and helped eliminate it in 2-3 days. Also, I put it on a mosquito bite and the swelling went down within 1 hr.
Nicholas R. Blase Jr.
Chose this product based on reviews and information found for quality silver product. Finally kicked my terrible winter sinus issue and consistent on/off colds. this might be the best silver product on the market. Can’t seem to find another with better record.

ViBacBuster™ will soon be decommissioned. Please bookmark our new website, ViBacSil™ for updates. The ViBacSil™ website address is https://www.ViBacSil.com/